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Noodle Dragon Hanzo AU by Hot-Gothics
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Noodle Dragon Hanzo AU

Welcome to the AU where Noodle Dragon Hanzo™ either has big Disney eyes ♡w or is snarling and angry >:[



This is an AU that a friend and I were roleplaying. The setting is a world where magic is prevalent and magical creatures aren’t uncommon. A dragon is still fairly uncommon, especially in the mid-cities of America where they live, so when they walk down the street together they get a lot of stares haha. 

McCree and Hanzo met when McCree was sort of young and partnered up to go hunting for magic items and take on special orders to find items as well. (think Indiana Jones type adventures haha) McCree lost his arm on one of these missions and Hanzo was barely able to save his life in time.

Also in this AU - when a magical creature falls in love with a human they will transform into a human themselves (whether they realize their feelings or not). This just happened in the RP and it’s really funny because Hanzo is having a hard time walking right now lol >w> also he doesn’t even realize he’s in love and that “transforming into a human” thing isn’t widely known.

On Tumblr -…

In honor of Father’s Day I thought I’d share a few small stories of my dear daddy. ❤ It's been four years now since he passed but I still love him dearly and I would love to share some stories with you all~

My daddy was a big goofy, sweet, huggable and lovable teddy bear and he was the bestest friend anyone would wish for. One of my favorite stories to share about him, as an testament to his amazing friendship dedication, was when one of his friends died he went and studied his friend’s religion (which I believe was Buddhism) and left home for a week to travel into the mountains in order to send his friend off in the way he’d want to. Because his friend had no family to do this for him.

My dad was so silly(and a bit crazy) that his mom actually told my mom when they announced they were getting married, “don’t have his baby, honey! he’s crazy!” (in a lighthearted way, not a “he’s crazy dangerous” way lol) and my mom just laughed because guess what? She was already preggers with me >w>

I do believe he was actually somewhat ‘crazy’ though, lol. He told me once that he spent about four weeks in a mental health institution. How he got in there was another silly story - he went up to like a bank window or a fast food window or something and pulled out a knife. Not threatening anyone, mind you! Just to show it off. “Isn’t this a cool knife?! :D” and then he left! lol

Next thing he knows some cops are at his door asking him, “Sir, do you have a knife?” “Yeah! Do you wanna see it?” “….sir, come with us.”


I wish I could remember the exact stories he told about his time IN the mental health institution. But it’s been so long I’m not remembering details

Oh! Something else about my wonderful daddy was that he was so incredibly accepting of pretty much anything! He bought all manner of different religious/belief books so that he could read into each one and he never pushed any beliefs onto me or my brother~ When he married my mom she already had four children, three of which were young adults and one that had turned five a few months after I was born(that’s my brother). But he became “dad” to all of them. He helped them get on their feet, find their way, and even became business partners for quite a while with my oldest sibling doing theatre consultancy work.

When I came out to my parents about me dating a girl back in highschool he only took it as an opportunity to make silly jokes. He’d come into the kitchen when I was washing dishes and start singing “I kissed a girl and I liked it~” and make us both laugh. He was a total goof.

He valued making people happy. He helped a few homeless people throughout my childhood, I remember that we had a couple people come live on our couch and he’d make friends with them and they’d do yard work together lol.

He and my mom kept the love alive all the way until his death too~ They were so sappy and adorable (they were in their mid 40′s when I was born). Mom would come in and sit on the armrest of his recliner and loop and arm around the back of his neck to kiss him and they’d sorta half-cuddle that way and start the “how was your day” conversation. I remember as a little kid I’d come running to climb up into daddy’s lap and get between them so that I could partake in the cuddles too haha

My daddy was a wonderful, caring, and loving person. Not just a caring father but a caring friend and mentor too. So Happy Father’s Day to his memory and to every wonderful daddy out there ❤ ❤ ❤
Morphi Telegram Sticker Pack

I finally got around to making my own stickers for Telegram haha >w>

These are so much fun to do, but I end up making them about twice the size that they need to be, lol.

I'm offering Telegram Sticker Commissions if anyone's interested! Buy 5 and get the 6th one free~
[will update with a link to a sticker commission sheet when I make that lol]
Latest Fashion Trend: Lace Shorts
It's a "new summer fashion trend" apparently for men to wear these lace shorts. I think they're goofy, you can very obviously see everything underneath, but hey! They inspired art haha

Excuse me while I sink into memes >w>

And of COURSE he'd put them on, Gabe. They were a gift. His mama taught him right, dangit.

On Tumblr (there's an extra bit on the tumblr post) -…


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