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Crono30067 Sketch - commission by Hot-Gothics
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Fiona Doodles by Hot-Gothics
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Near line-art quality sketches (because I tend to sketch without base bodies underneath)
:Personal Update Journal
Okay... so... I'm really at a loss of what to do at this point. I mean, I'm DOING things, which I'll elaborate at the end of this post. But, umm... here's the update;

I'm currently at my dorm at my university and last night my car wouldn't start. So my friend came out and helped me take my car battery to AutoZone and we charged it fully there then put it back in my car. Still wouldn't start.

So I texted a family friend that has helped mom and I with our cars before to see if he might have some suggestions for me or if he had the capability to tow my car out to my mom's house. And he contacted his daughter's boyfriend, who he recommended as a good mechanic.

He came out this morning and looked at everything for me on my car. He said the fuel pump, the air filter, the spark plugs and wires, the fuses, and the battery were all good. (Spark plugs need some replacing, half are corroded, but they're working fine)

But what he discovered is that my radiator and my coolant reservoir, as well the hose going to the motor from those (and more than likely the entire motor too) are full of mud... he says someone probably broke into my car and stuffed the radiator and reservoir with mud. That this isn't a 'normal amount' nor would my car be very suddenly not working from it building up over time... He also found paint chips and scratches on my driver's side door that suggested this as well.

A university police officer came by right as we were done and took a look after we told him what we thought might've happened and he said that the mud might've built up over time. I'm not thinking that's what happened because I've had several different people work on my car over the last few years while I've had it and I'm sure AT LEAST one of them would have noticed a mud problem like that and flushed it out or at least told me about it.

So it looks like my engine has been sabotaged... I'd like to believe it wasn't that, that there's no one out there with incredibly ill intent towards me, but even if it wasn't-- that still doesn't change the fact that my engine is filled with mud now and I'll probably have to get a new car entirely...

Things that are currently being done;
The mechanic friend said he has a cousin with a tow truck that he's going to contact for me. If his cousin is in town anytime soon he said the cousin would help me out and take my car back to Azle for me.

Once my car is back at my mom's place I'm going to try and get it over to this hotrod shop that mom and I have been using for the past several years. The guy there has been really really good to us. I hope he can help.

And the last thing I'm going to do after typing this up is probably go lay in bed and break down for a bit. Because currently there's nothing I personally can do other than wait for people to text/call me back...

So I need internet hugs and thoughtful words or something. Q-Q I'm really upset at the moment. I think it's almost equally upset at the car being very broken and the possibility that someone hates me enough to destroy my car... I'm... I'd LIKE to think I make friends with everyone I meet. I've never gone out of my way to be mean to anyone and I definitely don't make enemies but... I really don't know what to think about all this.

There's a possibility, as slim as it is, that it's just rust and mud accumulated over time... Still doesn't change the fact that my engine is flooded with mud though. And that I have no way to get a new car either...

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